2019 Adelaide Fringe at the Bakehouse - All shows at a glance

Monday, 18 February 2019 to Saturday, 16 March 2019
Adelaide Fringe

The Bakehouse Theatre is thrilled to announce that we are bursting with a fabulous menu of shows for the Adelaide Fringe 2019.  We welcome back some stalwarts from previous years (with new shows) and a whole range of new performers who are keen to strutt their stuff and make your Fringe experience memorable.  Our artists come from all over the world, interstate, and right in our own home town.

We know how confusing it is to trawl through all of the Fringe shows on offer, but with 18 different shows to choose from right here at the Bakehouse; fabulous restaurants around the corner in Hutt Street, and the Garden of Unearthly Delights a mere 5 minute stroll away, you should make the Bakehouse your 2019 Fringe Hub.

For your convenience we have compiled all of our shows into a one page at a glance listing here. Further down the track each show will have its own separate page for you to peruse in more detail.

Happy Fringeing from the Bakehouse!



  • 2100: A SPACE NOVELTY - presented by Cut Mustard – (UK/Adelaide/Norway/Republic of Korea)
    Winner of the 'Pick of the Fringe' at the Norwegian Fringe Festival, Bergen, 2018. 
    The year 2100.   A hapless human, an unbeatable heroine and a Dark Lord bent on universal domination.   An homage to all epic space adventures; let us take you on a mind-bending journey through multiple dimensions. There will be space travel. There will be aliens. There might be lasers. Join Cut Mustard for a hilarious low-fi extravaganza through outer space!
    When: Feb 18 to March 2 @ 6pm. (Duration 60 mins)
  • ALL CHANGEpresented by Smokescreen Productions and STARC Productions (UK/Adelaide)
    5 STARS   "Funny, sad, touching and provocative" ***** Lynfa
    A poignant new comedy about the frailty of age.  Ivor waits, his train of thought broken by his fragmented and decaying memory. His daughter Lily packs a bag, preparing him for life in a “home”. But change is never easy and Ivor’s not going quietly. As fast as Lily packs, he unpacks… and so the game begins...
    When: Feb 18 to March 2. All shows at 7.30pm. (Duration 60 mins)
  • THE CRYSTAL CLUB - presented by The DecaVita Sisters (Sweden)
    Welcome to a dazzling swing dance show with a roaring '20s flair! At the Crystal Club you will meet crazy flapper girls, passionate blues dancers, high flying Lindy Hoppers and a tipsy tap dancer, everything presented by our own sassy songbird Miss Madeline. An authentic, classy and humorous dance show for all jazz and swing lovers!
    When: Feb 18 to 23, Mar 4 to 16. All shows at 9pm. (Duration 50 mins)
  • EGO JACKET  - Presented by Phillip Lee Curtis (VIC)
    "A powerful beyond belief performance... Curtis is a force to be reckoned with" Stage Whispers.
    A persona that functions like a bulletproof vest. A disguise to conceal the truth. By the age of 25 Phillip had lost 60 kilos, come out, had abdominoplasty, dealt with heartbreak and staged two shows about it, so you could say that all his troubles are behind him ...right?  Join Phillip Lee Curtis on an audio visual journey of self-discovery in this rock cabaret extravaganza that explores anxiety, self-sabotage and the deep internal void.
    When:  Feb 25 to March 2 @ 9pm (Duration 70 mins)
  • FINAL PLACEMENT –  Presented by SPEECHBOX Theatre Productions (Adelaide)
    In an Oklahoma welfare office, social worker Mary's plans for a much-needed weekend break are disrupted by the intrusion of Luellen, a young mother determined to win back her son.
    By award-winning writer Ara Watson, this one-act play reflects on the contentious nature of the child welfare system and the emotional toll it takes on both worker and client.
    When: March 4 to 9  @ 6pm. (Duration 45 mins)
  • JUDAS  – presented by Smokescreen Productions and STARC Productions (UK/Adelaide)
    Immediate, contemporary and poignant.. ‘Homeland’ meets the Bible....” – The Herald
    In a contemporary single-faith Middle Eastern state, a charismatic preacher with a radical message of peace emerges from the desert. As religious violence continues to tear the region apart, his followers are pursued, persecuted and imprisoned...And so a 21st century Judas is interrogated and ultimately forced to betray his leader, but is he really betrayer or betrayed, and who is ultimately pulling the strings?
    When: March 4th to 16th at 7.30pm.  (Duration 60 mins)
  • LAST YEAR’S EVE – presented by Zac Kazepis (VIC)
    "..Exceptionally constructed and portrayed.”4 and a half stars" Artshub
    "..A heart rending story of displacement.." Melbourne Observer
    Hugo was 8 years old when he came to the country as a refugee. He has spent the last 15 years of his life living and working in this place that he has slowly grown to call home. Tomorrow, Hugo will leave the country and never return.  Last Year's Eve is an original work by Zac Kazepis, which explores the themes of identity, friendship, family and isolation. This is a show about the past, the present, and an unknown future.   This is a story about home.
    When: March 11 to 16 @ 6pm. (Duration 50 mins)
    Tickets: Adults $25, Conc.$20, BankSA $19.50, Preview $15, BankSA Support Act $10 Companion Card $0



  • ALL THE LOVELY MAGDALENES – Presented by Scrambled Prince Theatre Co. -  Eltham High School (VIC)
    Ireland's Magdalene Laundries for "fallen women" became infamous around the world following revelations of coercion, exploitation and the discovery of the mass graves of children. These institutions also operated in Australia. These are the stories of Melbourne's Magdalenes, explored through theatre and song.
    When: March 4 to 9 @ 12pm (Duration 50 mins)
    Tickets: Adults $20, Conc. $16, Family $40, Cheap Tuesday $15, Bank SA & Fringe Members $15.75, Groups (6+) $15
  • MACBETH IN SPACE (AND TWO OTHER LOCATIONS)  – Presented by Scrambled Prince Theatre Co. -  Eltham High School (VIC)
    So, we had a seance, and William Shakespeare made contact. In fact he wouldn't shut up, until he'd dictated this updated version of Macbeth. It's sci fi, it's film noir, it's a Western and it's very funny, which is more than can be said about his first effort. "I am William Shakespeare and I approve this play."
    When: March 4 to 9 @ 1pm (Duration 60 mins)
    Tickets: Adults $20, Conc. $16, Family $40, Cheap Tuesday $15, Bank SA & Fringe Members $15.75, Groups (6+) $15


  • OYSTERS – Presented by Oyster Creatives – (UK)
    “Compelling and moving” Barbara Gellhorn, Musician
    A party celebrates Johannes Brahms’ Violin Concerto’s first performance. His friends are all there – loyal Herzogenberg, embittered Clara Schumann, waspish critic Hanslick. The evening unfolds in a series of passionate recriminations and farcical misunderstandings until its moving climax.
    Laughing through our tears we ask – what is the cost of art?
    When: February 18 to March 16 @ 6pm.  (Duration 60 mins)
  • THE FORGETTORY – Presented by Tracy Crisp - (Adelaide)
    Alone in a new city, her last bottle of wine nearly empty, a woman drinks but can never forget. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, her grandfather wanders the past, fighting to remember. Told with Tracy Crisp's trademark blend of poignancy and humour, a compassionate story about a woman's identity, family memory, and ageing. 
     If we don't remember who we were, then who do we become?
    When: February 18 to 23 @ 7.30pm.  (matinee Feb 23 @3pm)  (duration 45 mins)
  • THE PROFESSOR – Presented by Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre (USA)
    A refreshingly mischievous, inventive author”: The Times of London
    “Paisley is charming and eloquent." The Clothesline
    The university’s most peculiar professor has made a remarkable discovery.   He’s thrilled – but why is his lecture today even stranger and wilder than usual?   Come attend an odd, surreal comedy about Dickens, shipwrecks, the Venus de Milo, fainting poets, and the fate of Western Culture.  Writer Brian Parks (Imperial Fizz), director John Clancy (The Event) and actor Bob Paisley (Bill Clinton Hercules)  team up to bring this premiere to Adelaide. 
    When: February 18 to March 2 @ 9pm (Duration 60 mins)
  • THE MEASURE OF A MAN- Presented by Gavin Roach (VIC)
    “Roach is a strong performer. He is able to hold command over the stage”. – Glam Adelaide
    “.. Roach has my attention....A bare stage, apart from one chair, is all that is needed as Roach begins his brave and sincere monologue.Stage Whispers
    How do you measure a man? Is it the way he walks, the way he talks? Told in critically-acclaimed Gavin Roach's  trademark humorous, raw and deeply candid style, The Measure of a Man will stare into the heart of one man's sexual anxieties and pull out the kinds of stories much LGBTI theatre shies away from - stories often shrouded in embarrassment or shame.
    When: February 26 to March 2 @ 7.30pm  (duration 50 min)
  • SOFT-BUTCH SHOW QUEEN – Presented by Mark J Wilson (VIC)
    'He delivers & his commitment is staggering' Theatre Notes
    'Wilson does something with dialogue that no other performers are doing’ Stephan Elliott, Director of Priscilla Queen of the Desert
    The Soft Butch Show Queen  is a riotous, galloping ride as this comic mastermind and showman conjures 20 characters in a mind-blowing one-man show. Fasten your seat belts, stow your tray table. It’s time to board the flight of the Soft Butch Show Queen.   This summer the Soft Butch Show Queen is your good time girl.
    When:  March 4 to 9 @ 7.30pm (Duration 55 minutes)
  • COCKROACH – Presented by Melita Rowston and Leah Donovan (NSW)
    "Powerful, creative and unapologetic" Broadway World
    Nominated for Best Performance at Melbourne Fringe 2018.
    An amoral revenge tale for the #MeToo generation, ‘Cockroach’ is a blackly comic prose-poem/grunge-cabaret about female anger. When C wakes from a nightmare she finds herself transformed into a monstrous vermin. For too long she’s yearned to behave badly. Tonight’s her night of reckoning! Disrupting Kafka and Ovid’s Metamorphoses ‘Cockroach’ explores the silencing following abuse and the transformations that occur from it.  Furious, funny and hopeful. 
    (Content Warning: domestic/gendered violence, rape, sexual assault and abuse. )
    When: March 4 to 9 @ 9pm (Duration 60 minutes)
  • SEPTEM – Presented by Eclipse Productions - (Adelaide)
    ‘Septem’ is a dramatic stage play that shows the story of a group of individuals competing to win their share in fame and riches. The show runs for approximately 30minutes and the play takes place in real time. “In front of you is a pill. Within the next 30 minutes one of you must take the pill. If after 30 minutes nobody has taken it. You will all die. Survivors will win their share of 50 Million Dollars… Good luck..”  
    When: March 11 to 16 @ 7.30pm (Duration 40mins)
  • PETER JAMES – WORD PERSON – Presented by Laughing Heart Comedy (QLD)
    "Sharp as a tack and genuinely very funny" The Advertiser.
    He may be young, but Peter James is no newbie when it comes to making people laugh. He's opened for some of Australia's finest comedians and now invites you to join him for an hour of wit, whimsy, stories and songs as Peter shows you that he's far more 'Main Event' than 'Opening Act'.    Sticks and stones will break his bones but words will never hurt him. Unless of course, those words are jokes and no one else has heard them. To have a limerick as a blurb might seem out of place, the only problem with this rhyme is I've run out of......
    When: March 11 to 16 @ 9pm (Duration 60 mins)



  • SIR DAVID AND HIS ANIMALS – Presented by Clownfish (UK)
    "The physicality of both performers was outstanding";  "The best animal documentary!";  “It was just so funny!"  (Audience quotes, Ferment Fortnight)
    You've all heard of the BBC's Blue Planet and Planet Earth. Tonight, we're thrilled to present to you the naturalist, national treasure and broadcasting legend, with a career spanning almost 100 years, Sir David Attenborough and his Animals!  Get ready for clowning, physical theatre and the largest range of animals you will ever see on stage.
    When: March 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 at 4pm  (Note:- Wed 13th will be a relaxed performance) (Duration 60 mins)


A variety of prices. Please check when you are booking your tickets
Most shows 60 mins each with no interval

Lighting Design by Stephen Dean
Lighting operators – Stephen Dean, Eleanor Adams, Aliscia Dowell
Rigging team - Stephen Dean, Aliscia Dowell, Eleanor Adams, Matt Chapman and Phil Hart

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