Monday, 17 February 2020 to Saturday, 14 March 2020
Adelaide Fringe

The Bakehouse Theatre is thrilled to announce that we are bursting with a fabulous menu of shows for the Adelaide Fringe 2020.  We welcome back some stalwarts from previous years (with new shows) and a whole range of new performers who are keen to strutt their stuff and make your Fringe experience memorable.  Our artists come from all over the world, interstate, and right in our own home town.

We know how confusing it is to trawl through all of the Fringe shows on offer, but with 22 different shows  for you to choose from right here at the Bakehouse; fabulous restaurants around the corner in Hutt Street, and the Garden of Unearthly Delights a mere 5 minute stroll away, you should make the Bakehouse your 2020 Fringe Hub.

For your convenience we have compiled all of our shows into a one page at a glance listing here.

Each show also now has its own separate page for you to peruse in more detail.

If you are someone who likes a hard copy to peruse, you can also now find a handy Bakehouse Fringe Booklet in the holder on our foyer doors.  Grab one as you are passing!!

You can also download it by scrolling down to the bottom of this page.

Happy Fringeing from the Bakehouse!



(In order of Appearance)


  • THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT - presented by  Carli Stasinopoulos  (Adelaide) (50 mins)
    Coming face to face, quite literally, with her demons, Mackenzie realises she can no longer escape her past. A show that explores mental health, 'The Devil Made Me Do It' delves into the sinister part of our psyche and shows that the demons get to you sometimes, but you don't have to let to let them. You just have to kill them.
    When: Feb 17- 22  @ 6pm.
    TIX: (Preview $18) Adults $30, Conc $23, BSA $23.25, Comp. Card $0
  •  THE DAUGHTERS OF RÓISÍN  – presented by Wee Yarn Productions (Adelaide) (50 mins)
    Locked in a room for nine months in a house she once called her home. A poignant ode to Ireland's hidden past, the audience is invited to witness and journey with this forsaken Daughter of Ireland.  The performance at Hats Inc in Clare Valley will also include a performance of traditional Irish music following the play, performed by Cahal Clarke.
    “This play is everything great theatre should be” – Michael Jackson – Belfast Media Group
    When: Feb 17- 22  @ 7.30pm.
    TIX: Adults $26, Conc $23, Companion Card $0, Cheap Tuesday $20
  • HORRENDOUS - presented by Harry Tobias (UK)
    “Should I have said yes? I just don’t want to be proposed to when he is balls deep inside of me”... ‘Horrendous’ is a funny, naughty, occasionally sexy, sometimes honest, and all too revealing look at the life of someone trying to keep it all together. In this one-person show we see how hilarious and horrendous life is for this twenty-something.
    When: Feb 17- 22  @ 9pm.
    TIX: Adults $20, Conc $17, BSA $15.75, Comp. Card $0, Artist Pass $0 (subject to availability)
  • SPITFIRE SOLO  - Presented by Nicholas Collett (UK) (60 mins)
    June 2000. 80 year old Peter Walker, ex-Battle of Britain pilot re-lives the heady days of blue skies and battles and takes on a new, unexpected challenge. Blending theatre, film and music, Nicholas Collett ("Your Bard" "Oysters") creates multiple characters and performs this moving, funny story.
     "Hugely entertaining" Adelaide Theatre Guide ★★★★★“touching”– The Advertiser ★★★
    When:  Feb 24 to March 7 @ 6pm
    TIX: Preview $18, Adults $26, Conc. $21, Family $18.75, BSA $20.25, CC. $0, Artist Pass $15 (booked)/$0 (subject to availability)
  • BOND – AN UNAUTHORISED PARODY –  Presented by Gavin Robertson (UK) (60 mins)
    Bond is back! Just before the new film! Older,unfit & someone’s out to get him! After tours to USA, Russia & Australia, Bond, a time-machine & an arch-enemy must beat the clock in a cartoon-style adventure, exploding every cliché in the book(s) - Solo! Featuring the smallest car chase (n)ever seen!
    "Comedy at its best - BroadwayWorld  “Compelling to watch”- Guardian UK. “a real pleasure” The Times
    When: Feb 24 to March 7 @ 7.30pm.
    TIX: Preview $19,  Adults $26, Conc $21, Family $18.75, BSA $20.25, Schools $19, Artist Pass $15 (booked)/$0 (subject to availability)
  • NO COMING BACK – Presented by Three Woods Playwright (Hong Kong) (60 mins)
    A Hip-hop theatre of finding Home. Winner of the best production of Let's Be Together Arts Festival Hong Kong 2018. "I left Hong Kong for Berlin, hoping to find a new life with my girlfriend and our cat. In that rebellious city, we sought the peace that we longed for. Counting down 365 days, coming back was “not an option."  
    Tour ready Award winner - Let's Be Together Arts Festival (LBTAF) Hong Kong
    When: Feb 24 to March 7 @ 9pm.
    Artist Pass $22 (booked)/$0 (subject to availability)
    TIX: Preview $18, Adults $25, Conc $18, Child $18, BSA $19.50, BSA Support Act $10, Schools $12,
  • GIRL SHUT YOUR MOUTH  - Presented by Theatre Travels (NSW) (60 mins)
    Katie, Grace, Mia and Darcy are your average young girls. Everything about them is normal. Except their friends die on a monthly basis. Except their lives are in danger if they go out after dark. Except they aren't really your average young girls at all. A new dark comedy by Australian playwright Gita Bezard.
    When: March 10 to 14 @ 6pm
    TIX:  Preview $23, Adults $28, Conc $25, Child $25, BSA Support Act $10, CC $0, Artist Pass $20 booked./ $0  (subject to availability)
  • BAGGAGE LIMITpresented by The Kid Creative (NSW) (60 mins)
    Sometimes you have to unpack your sh*t to find the magic! Peta Morris' one woman musical monologue sees her trying to make peace with her past as she explores a life lived with anxiety and depression. Told through the lens of her two alter egos, it will have you laughing and crying, making the darkest times hit the highest notes.
    When: March 9 to 14 @ 9pm
    TIX: Adults $25, Conc $20, BSA $19.50, Cheap Tuesday $15, CC $0, Artist Pass $0 at the door (subject to availability)



  • ORDINARY ED – Presented by Scrambled Prince -  Eltham High School (VIC) (50 mins)
    Ed the emu is anything but ordinary! A true tall tale of the Great Emu War follows an improbable family as they venture into a crazy neighbourhood full of plastic people, giant monsters and genius children! Ed must overcome the implausible to achieve his dancing dreams. A new play featuring original songs and music.
    When: March 2 to 7 @ 11am
    TIX: Adults $15, Conc $12, Child $12, Family $11.25, CC $0, Schools $8, Artist Pass $0 (at the door subject to availability)
  • CHILDREN OF AN IDLE BRAIN – Presented by Scrambled Prince, Eltham High School(VIC) (50 mins)
    Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet collides with a contemporary perspective, casting a new light on plot and characters. In a world where gender, sexuality, power inequity and identity are complex and contested ideas, the characters of Romeo and Juliet navigate love, lust, and hate through a comic-tragic theatre piece featuring original songs and music
    When: March 2 to 7 @ 12pm
    TIX: Adults $25, Conc $15, Child $12, Family $15, CC $0, BSA $19.50, CC $0, Schools $10, Artist Pass (at the door, subject to availability) $0
  • MIDSUMMER LIVESTREAM – Presented by Scrambled Prince, -  Eltham High School (VIC) (60 mins)
    Four teenagers are missing in the woods. Who or what is to blame? Theseus, the politician? Feral fairies? Millennial vanity? Avocado on toast? These questions are best answered by those equipped to wade through the detritus of modern life: true crime podcasters, beauty vloggers and unhinged conspiracy theorists. Midsummer night's dream done right!
    When: March 2 to 7 @ 1pm
    TIX: Adults $25, Conc $15, Child $12, Family $15, CC $0, BSA $19.50, CC $0, Schools $10, Artist Pass (at the door, subject to availability) $0
  • DON’T KNOCK YOUR GRANNY – Presented by Fiesty Women of Oz (50 mins)
    Sold out at Edinburgh Fringe Festival FEISTY WOMEN OF OZ ‘Hits the mark’ ‘Inspirational’ ‘They tell it for real’ A political/satirical take on elder abuse. Ten feisty women shine light in dark corners that'll make you laugh and cry. Hear skits, songs and true stories of women's lives. Puppets Reg and Regina will speak up too.
    'Hits the mark' 'Inspirational' 'They tell it for real'
    When: March 12 to 14 @ 2pm
    TIX: Adults $25, Conc $23, BSA $19.50, CC $0, Artist Pass (at the door, subject to availability) $0



  • A BUTTERFLY EFFECT – Presented by  First Draft Theatre (Adelaide) (50 mins)
    What if you'd said yes to that date? What if you'd passed on that job? What if... one small decision changed the rest of your life? Five friends face the ups and downs, the if-onlys, the coulda-shoulda-wouldas. A show for everyone who ever wished they could snatch back the words that just came out of their mouth.
    "Extraordinary. Deftly weaves narrative... stage presence is fully open and honest." - TheatreReview, New Zealand.
    When: February 17 to 22  @ 6pm.
    TIX: Preview $23, Adults $29, Conc $23, BSA $22.50, CC $0, Artist Pass(at the door, subject to availability) $0
  • AN EVENING WITH THE VEGETARIAN LIBRARIAN – Presented by Tracy Crisp – (Adelaide) (45 mins)
    She might be a vegetarian, but she's also the Gen-X meat in the inter-generational sandwich of the modern workplace. A mostly true, slightly made-up tale of thwarted ambition, underachievement, and a funeral in a library. A meditation on reading, an ode to life before a device. Tracy Crisp once again brings her unique blend of poignancy and humour.
    Tracy’s last show at the Bakehouse  won 5 STARS from The Advertiser -  “Tracy Crisp’s stories of memory and family are vivid and affecting in her show The Forgettory." - Louise Nunn
    When: February 17 to 29 @ 7.30pm.
    TIX: Preview $20, Adults $28, Conc. $23, CC $0, Artist Pass(at the door, subject to availability) $0
  • TRAIN LORD – Presented by Oliver Mol (NSW) (60 mins)
    Award-winning author, Oliver Mol's debut is a true, funny and heartbreaking tale about a 10-month migraine, his recovery in Brisbane and job on the railway when he couldn't do anything else. Performed to music and video, it's a story of hope, laughter, pain, relationships, drugs, failed orgies, mothers and love.
    "King of a New Jungle" Rolling Stone.
    When: February 17 to 22 @ 9pm AND Feb 24 to 29 @ 6pm
    TIX: Preview $15, Adults $20, Conc $15, BSA $15.75, BSA Support Act $10, Artist Pass (booked) $15.75,  (at the door, subject to availability) $0
  • THE WILL TO BE - Presented by Mark Salvestro (VIC) (60 mins)
    A University Office, 1962: Homosexuality is illegal. The fear of communism is in the air. A lecturer is dismissed. His secret is out. Will he choose legacy or the law? One man’s exploration of sexuality, society and shame, laced with the words of Shakespeare.
    “Compelling and must-see theatre” Melbourne Observer.
    "Beautifully crafted...exceptionally performed" Weekend Notes.
    When: February 24 to 29 @ 9pm AND March 2 to 7 @ 7.30pm
    TIX: Preview $24, Adults $27, BSA $21, CC $0, Cheap Tuesdays $24,  Artist Pass (at the door, subject to availability) $0 
  • THE PUNTER’S SIREN – Presented by Gina Schien (NSW) (55 mins)
    There's nothing like meeting a charming stranger on your first day at the races. Oh really? All bets are off in this comedy of seduction when lust, trust and a mountain of cash send punter Helen on the ride of her life. "Gobsmackingly brilliant, side-splittingly funny!" Stage Whispers.
    “One full hour of fun and uproarious laughter” Lip Magazine.
    When:  March 2 to 14 @ 9pm
    TIX: Preview $18, Adults $27, Conc $22, BSA Support Act $10, CC $0, Artist Pass (at the door, subject to availability) $0
  • MOBY DICK – Presented by Grist to the Mill (UK) (60 mins)
     "Call me Ishmael... Now some years ago I did take it into my head to go on a whaling voyage..." To celebrate the bicentennial of Herman Melville's birth, Ross Ericson ('The Unknown Soldier,' 'Gratiano') brings his classic tale to life in a stunning solo performance.
    "Ericson is a force to be reckoned with" ★★★★★ Edinburgh Guide on Gratiano
    "Beautifully crafted Pinteresque monologue."★★★★½ Adelaide Advertiser on 'Gratiano'
    When:  March 2, 6, 11 @ 6pm
    TIX: Adults $25, Conc $20, Child $20, Family $18, BSA $19.50, CC $0, Artist Pass(at the door, subject to availability) $0
  • THE BALLAD OF MULAN – Presented by Grist to the Mill (UK) (60 mins)
    Woman, Warrior, Legend. For ten years Mulan, disguised as a man, fought for the Chinese Empire, but now it is time to go home. Michelle Yim gives life to the real woman behind the Chinese myth. From the team behind 'The Unknown Soldier' and 'The Empress and Me'.
     "Strong, polished and confident" ★★★★ AdelaideTheatreGuide on 'The Empress and Me'.
    When:  March 3, 7, 12 @ 6pm
    TIX: Adults $25, Conc $20, Child $20, Family $18, BSA $19.50, CC $0, Cheap Tuesday $15, Artist Pass (at the door, subject to availability) $0
  • GRATIANO  – Presented by Grist to the Mill – (UK) (60 mins)
    With Bassanio murdered, Gratiano's forced to revisit his fascist past. He was never the hero, but did he really play the villain?
    From the team behind 'The Unknown Soldier'
    'Ericson's elegant (Shakespearian) fable reaches out beyond today's xenophobes and ultra-nationalists and speaks with integrity while we laugh our socks off.' ★★★★1/2 GlamAdelaide
    When:  March 4, 9, 13 @ 6pm
    TIX: Adults $25, Conc $20, Child $20, Family $18, BSA $19.50, CC $0, Artist Pass (at the door, subject to availability) $0
  •  RENFIELD: IN THE SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE -  Presented by Grist to the Mill – (UK) (60 mins)
    The story of Dracula told from the perspective of R M Renfield, the spider eating inmate of Dr Seward’s Asylum,   which asks the question – is it really madness to want to live forever?     So you're locked in a cell with a madman  whose Vampire master is expected imminently – what, are you not entertained?  The story of Dracula as told by a lunatic.
    'Beautifully crafted Pinteresque monologue' ****1/2 Adelaide Advertiser on 'Gratiano'.
    When: March 5, 10, 14 @ 6pm
    TIX: Adults $25, Conc $20, Child $20, Family $18, BSA $19.50, CC $0, Cheap Tuesday $15, Artist Pass (at the door, subject to availability) $0
  • THE IDES OF MARCH  – Presented by Elwood Social Club Productions (VIC)
    Time travel. Treachery. Togas! When William Shakespeare travels back in time to ancient Rome to research his newest play, he unwittingly finds himself the number one suspect in the murder of Julius Caesar. He's forced to use all his tact and cunning to evade the villainous senator Brutus, who's desperate to throw the "dirty foreigner" to the lions.
    ★★★★1/2 "A true highlight of the Fringe" Tulpa Magazine  ★★★★1/2 "Laugh-a-minute theatre" EverythingAdelaide.net
    When:  March 9 TO 14 @ 7.30pm
    TIX: Preview $20, Adults $27, Conc $24, Cheap Tuesday $20, BSA $21, CC $0, Schools $18, Artist Pass (at the door, subject to availability) $0



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