FRINGE 2014 at the BAKEHOUSE (a one page summary of shows)

Sunday, 16 February 2014 to Sunday, 16 March 2014

Here is a list of Fringe Shows (in date order)  to whett your appetite.

Closer to the time each show will have its own page on this site with more detailed information.

  • The Trials and Tribulations of Mr. Pickwick...from the well of Dicken's own words - Highly recommended - Fringe Review Edinburgh - Feb 17 to Mar 1 at 6pm
  • Rom Com ConSweet and funny..the feel-good hit of the summer, guaranteed to make you smile (****The Skinny) - Argus Angel Award winner 2012. - Feb 17 to Mar 16 at 6pm
  • The Sheds - examines mateship and masculinity in Australian sport. Rife with foul language, stigma, secrets, violence and nudity - Feb 17 to 22 at 7.30pm​​
  • Miles Away - Miles. Desolate. Road. Trip. Bike. Fun. Enigmatic. Discovery. Outback.........Feb 17 to 22 at 9pm
  • The Darker - Do you know the man you really are? The Darker...don't go there alone - Feb 17 to 22 at 9pm
  • Matty Grey's Grossed Out Game Show - Kids! win the challenges to earn litres of Slime - Winner Sydney Fringe 2013, Director's choice, Kids Fringe - Feb 22 & 23 at 11.30am
  • Uncloaked - A satirical cabaret fantasy - put on the Ritz and strap on your bits for a frolicking good time - Feb 24 to March 1 at 9pm
  • Summer of Blood - Writing a horror movie can get gory! Who'll be left standing? Feb 24 to Mar 1 at 9pm
  • Impact - Dark, somber, poetic yet insanely funny - Mar 6 to 8 at 6pm
  • The Lesson - A study in comic disintegration (in French with English surtitles) March 6 to 15 at 6pm
  • Amalgamy - Sexy, smothering and down-right hilarious - March 3 to 8 at 7.30pm
  • Small Talk - Children need boundaries. Especially the child that lives inside you. 2008 Adelaide Fringe Award winner - March 3 to 8 at 9pm
  • I Might Be edgar Allan Poe - A crowd-pleasing and horrific comedy -"He is, in a word, brilliant!" - Winnipeg Free Press. Winner of the First Fringe Award and the Teacher's Choice AwardMarch 3 to 15 at 9pm
  • A Case Study - A case study of a comedian's life - March 10 t0 15 at 7.30pm
  • Welcome to My World - An exploration of the alienation people with a disability often experience in mainstream society - March 12 &13 at 6pm



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