FRINGE 2017 at the Bakehouse. All Shows at a Glance

Monday, 13 February 2017 to Saturday, 18 March 2017

The Bakehouse Theatre is thrilled to announce that we are bursting with a fabulous menu of shows for the Adelaide Fringe 2017.

We welcome back some stalwarts from previous years (with new shows) and a whole range of new performers who are keen to strutt their stuff and make your Fringe experience memorable.

We know how confusing it is to trawl through all of the Fringe shows on offer, but with 25 different shows to choose from right here at the Bakehouse, fabulous restaurants around the corner in Hutt Street, and the Garden of Unearthly Delights a mere 5 minute stroll away, you should make the Bakehouse your 2017 Fringe Hub.

For your convenience we have compiled all of our shows into a one page at a glance listing here. Further down the track each show will have its own separate page for you to peruse in more detail.

Happy Fringeing from the Bakehouse!



GALAXY DREAMER presented by Room 9 Dance Theatre - Direct from Hong Kong. "Complex, powerful and humanistic", questioning the status quo of today's global society.  Feb 13-18 and Feb 20-25 at 6pm

NEVER SEEN presented by Trilateral Lab - Pioneering music experience from Hong Kong, featuring violin, live electronics and storytelling.  Feb 13-18 and Feb 20-25 at 9pm

BARKING MAD! presented by Guy Masterson - CIT - Six years of competition for her affections between the husband and the dog... and no-one's quite sure who won. Feb 20-25 and Feb 27–March 4 at 7.30pm

EMPTY VANITY presented by James Watson - An awkward encounter with a stripper, an argument between a mother and daughter, and a drunken taxi ride between two strangers.  Feb 27–March 4 at 6pm

BUCKS (or A Bag of D*cks) presented by Bad Ducks Co. - Male rituals and modern mateship... it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Then it's hilarious.  Feb 27–March 4 at 9pm

I'D TURN BACK presented by Scrambled Prince Theatre Company – A young person’s look at the hardships refugees face in search of safety.  March 6-10 at 1pm

WHAT WE LEARNED AT THE BIG SCHOOL  presented by Scrambled Prince Theatre Company – An honest and funny contemporary look at the first year of high school.  March 7-11 at 12pm

CEREMONY OF THE THE INNOCENT presented by Scrambled Prince Theatre Company - Examines faith, fanaticism, love and loss with lavish live music.  March 6-11 at 6pm

A REGULAR LITTLE HOUDINI  presented by Guy Masterson - CIT - Smitten by Harry Houdini’s amazements, a tenacious young dockworker's son dreams of a life of magic.  March 6-11 and March 13-18 at 7.30pm

THE YELLOW WAVEpresented by 15 Minutes from Anywhere – An Asiatic invasion of Australia featuring a huge cast of characters with Mongol hordes and questionable accents. It’s an invasion like no other!  March 6-11 at 9pm

THE PACKAGE  presented by The Package Creative Team - Through puppetry, physical theatre, animation, mask and a live score, experience an elderly woman's inner journey as she faces death.  Mar 14-18 at 6pm, Matinees Mar 17 at 10.30am & Mar 18 at 1.30pm

GALAH presented by GRAPA - Being a big wig and going places isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be… March 14-18 at 9pm


Smoking With Grandma presented by ThreeWoods Playwright & The Sensitive Tofu Theatre –Maia journeys back to her late grandma's squatter and unveils her buried secret. She discovers the year of the lost is also the year of the found.  Feb 13-18 and Feb 20-25 at 7:30pm

PARADISE presented by FUGUE – Welcome to Paradise, where desperate souls parade public confessions on a treadmill, each confronting their conscience for the first time.  Feb 20-25 at 6pm

CAN'T BE TAMED presented by Justin Nott – A surreal un-becoming of age story with Miley Cyrus as your spirit guide.  Feb 20-25 at 9pm

TRADE presented by Hurrah Hurrah - A highly physical, darkly comic journey of redemption through the lens of fictional hedge fund Delta 1.  Feb 27–March 4 at 6pm

OPHELIA'S SHADOW presented by Acoustic Theatre Troupe - A feminist rock musical tells the story of Ophelia through the last days of her life using elements of burlesque and physical theatre.  Feb 28–March 4 at 7.30pm

THREE BLIND MICE presented by Mousetrap Theatre Company – An agoraphobic hoarder faces a rodent infestation and the mice aren’t going anywhere.  Feb 27–March 4 at 9pm

CONCRETE presented by Concrete Collective – Through circus, dance, comedy, and physical theatre, CONCRETE explores the feminine, masculine, and those in-between.  March 6-11 at 7.30pm

THE BABY FARMER presented by The Laudanum Project – Set in 1879 London, The Baby Farmer explores the darkened world of a six year old and her mentally ill mother.  March 6-11 at 9pm

ENCOUNTERS presented by 3's Company MTV - Breaking down the ageist wall... six encounters which may shape the way we age.  March 9-11 at 6pm

ANTEWORLD presented by Mark Tripodi - Orpheus is coming. This is all Eurydice knows. Who is in control? This isn't the underworld - not quite yet. This is the anteworld.  March 13-18 at 6pm

HUMPTY DUMPTY DADDY presented by Joel Clapham – A personal and amusing story reflecting on fatherhood, mental health and the tradition of storytelling between generations of men.  March 13, 14 at 7.30pm and March 16-18 at 7.30pm

MATROPHOBIA! presented by The Daughters Collective - Haven’t called your Mother in a while?  Five daughters delve into the beauties, horrors, complexities and extremities of mother-daughter relationships.  March 13-18 at 9pm


The Lost Poem presented by Steven Choi - An art exhibition about the sea and the girl who remained out of sight.  Feb 13-18 at 5pm and Feb 20-25 at 4pm

The Baby Farmer - Art Exhibition. Alongside the unsettling performance, artist Chloe Neath’s exquisite artwork from the book will be exhibited. There will be four key illustrations on display, each piece intricately detailed charcoal on brown paper, each piece both disturbing and beautiful.. March 6th to 11th, before and after the 9pm show.


Various - check each show's separate page for details.
Most shows are 60 minutes or less.

A feast of highly talented performers and technicians

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