I'm 40 - Now What? (SA)

Monday, 23 February 2015 to Saturday, 14 March 2015

The show is a new way to tell the story of my life and career. It will reveal the thoughts, feelings and circumstances I experienced when they were throughout my life. The show aims to surprise, challenge and move audiences. Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm a loudmouth, a fighter with an over-achieving sense of self, and in many ways that's true. What people don't know is why. This play will dispel those notions and explain why people might perceive them  .It's these stories that I want to share because I want people to see that the real disability isn't the physical one I have but the emotional obstructions that society can place. I want to show that I've done my best to experience a relatively 'normal' life in the face of very challenging circumstances.

The simple fact is that my life was never going to be 'normal.' Born with 8 broken bones Doctors never thought I'd survive to the age of 30, if I survived at all. My parents thrust me into a life of fame and public scrutiny where everyone has had expectations of me being the inspiring Aussie Battler. Because of these things I've had 570 broken bones, survived drug and alcohol addiction and the verge of bankruptcy to be here, about to turn 40. I'm clean, sober and in reasonable health, with the assistance of extra oxygen. I have a fresh outlook on life. I no longer feel the burden of needing to be the best at everything, or of having that over inflated sense of self. I feel the need to tell my story in the most artistic way I can, with the biggest challenge and the biggest freedom. 
I feel to perform my show at next year’s Adelaide Fringe will be an exciting and entertaining learning experience for the audience and for me. I plan for it to be a funny, quirky, original and honest show. It is finally a chance to present something that has music, singing, dancing that will hopefully make audiences, laugh, cry, inspire but most of all think about the needs of people with a disability.

SEASON: February 23 to 28 at 7.30pm.  March 9 to 14 at 9pm

**** It’s enlightening and thoroughly entertaining. No surprise there because Kenihan’s as sharp as they come.
Louise Nunn, The Advertiser


Adults $25, Conc, $18, TREv $18, Companion Card free
60 mins

Written by Tim Ferguson and Quentin Kenihan.
Produced by John L Simpson,
Music by Phil Noack.

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